Project title: Development of an innovative manufacturing technology for large-size castings made of nodular iron with special properties in Full Mold technology, dedicated to the production of stamping tools in the automotive sector.

The sum of eligible costs of the project is 17,888,387.50 PLN, the subsidised amount is 7,481,798.13 PLN.

The goal of the project is the development of a process that will exhibit optimal parameters and a high level of efficiency, including technological parameters and process costs, by conducting industrial research and development works. The essence of the project is a process innovation allowing the manufacturing of innovative castings intended for the construction of stamping tools - dies (bases), stamping dies and clamps.

R&D works will aim at the optimisation of the casting process by development of parameters for manufacturing of ductile irons with enhanced properties (higher strength, less abrasive wear), which will facilitate prolonged life of the tool as well as allow a change in design and thus a reduction in weight.

The project is divided into two key areas:

  1. The industrial research phase focused on the development of new knowledge in the area of individual stages of the technological process;
  2. The development phase in which the Applicant will create a demonstration installation and conduct a series of validation tests on a small and large castings in industrial conditions.

The works are planned for 33 months, they will be conducted with the involvement of Applicants technological team supported by the technical staff. Additionally, part of R&D works will be subcontracted to Department of Foundry Engineering of Silesian University of Technology.