About us

Foundry RAFAMET Ltd provides a comprehensive package of casting services, ranging from analysis and the development of technical documentation, through the execution of pattern units up to casting and machining.

We are also offering: shot blasting, heat treatment and repairs as well as laboratory services and measurement.

The vast majority of our products are grey and ductile castings for engineering, shipbuilding, energy and mining industries.

We specialize in production of iron in the following grades:

  • Cast iron: 200, 250, 300 and 350 according to PN/EN 1561
    Weight range 500 – 40.000 kg.
  • Ductile iron: 400-12, 400-15, 400-18, 500-7, 600-3 and 700-2 according to PN/EN 1563
    Weight range: 500 – 30.000 kg.
  • Special cast iron, e.g. high alloy castings with additions of nickel and chromium (Ni-hard and Ni-resist) for industries such as:
    • Natural gas
    • Chemical
    • Fuel
    • Heating

The production capacity is 7000 tons per year.

Stable mechanical properties and low varied hardness of produced cast iron have a great impact on their suitability for structure components for all kinds of metal processing machines.

Also, characteristic for cast iron resistance to transfer and damping the vibrations, is one of the biggest advantages of this material.

Customers, of each of the manufacturers of modern CNC machining centers always have high quality requirements. This means that the vast majority of manufacturers of metal processing machines, especially those for whom the accuracy, precision and quality of the machines is the most important, uses cast iron as the primary material in their designs.

Our products range includes: machine beds, tables, racks, support beams, slides, bodies of horses, carriage bodies, machine bodies, parts of pumps, flywheels, gear box housing, bearing housing, frames and covers for engine. We specialize in large-scale castings made in ground pits with dimensions max. 20000 x 4000 x 2000.

We continued cooperating with German and Italian manufactures of machine tools, Norwegian producers of marine gear boxes and Polish and British manufactures of electric motors.

A major recipient of our casts is Machine Tools Factory “RAFAMET” plc.

Our customers are well-known Polish and foreign companies for which we are reliable supplier from very long time.

About us


About us