Mounting plates

mounting plates

Mounting plates are the result of careful design to guarantee stability against deformations under maximum load. Properly prepared castings production process ensure a uniform structure free from shrinkage defects. Proper cooling conditions allow the reduction of internal stress both, during machining and assembly operation and finally at work station at the customer plant.

Standard types of produced plates:

  • Loading capacity up to 8 t/m2
  • Loading capacity up to 15 t/m2
  • Loading capacity up to 30 t/m2
  • Loading capacity up to 35 t/m2


We also mounting / floor plates according to individual customer needs, both in terms of dimensions and scope machining. We provide a comprehensive service and support in the design of appropriate solutions for customer`s requirements. For individual orders we can design entire sets of plates for special applications. Plates are delivered with complete accessories.

Specification and accessories:

  • Machining:
    • T-slots; standard T28, H-12, gap of 250mm
    • surface in accordance with DIN 876
  • Accessories:
    • holes covers with O-rings seals
    • connecting bolts
    • connecting locks
    • seal at the panel joints
    • anchoring & leveling system in version dedicated to the load of plate